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The founder is Maurizio Beltrami, born in Rapallo (GE) in 1958, although he was raised in Cremona, where his parents were born. He has been a musician and composer since 1980. In 1982 he co-founded the Magic Frog Studio in Brescia, which – in 1987 – took over the recording equipment of the well-known Stone Castle Studios in Carimate (CO).

In the same year he joined the technical staff of Allan Goldberg’s studio, a former sound engineer and producer of artists like Vecchioni, Finardi, De André, Bennato, Alice, and many others.

In the 80s he followed several productions of Italian Disco Music and melodic rock.

From the desire to process sounds for musicians, Beltrami has started researching in the field of harmonic frequencies and dynamics to manage them at best. The tests were extended to include stringed instruments, wind instruments, percussion, keyboards, electric and acoustic instruments.

Taking inspiration from the building method of the circuits of the 50s and 60s and from the precious indications of Allan Goldberg, he then began to work on the production of personalized effects for professional musicians.

In January 2012 Fattoria Mendoza® was officially founded and the brand name MENDOZA Hand Made® pedal sound processors was created.

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Versatility and quality are the necessary features to get the best out of every sound

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Building processors means creating instruments capable of expanding the harmonics and of optimizing the dynamics set by the musician. This result is obtained with the precision in the construction and in the choice of the components used. Each pedal is made strictly by hand, mainly ‘point to point’ or ‘semi point to point’, or on an integrated circuit of our production, with components of absolute quality and durability.

The result is a strictly metallic body production with a trapezoidal structure of 1 mm in brushed steel.

We offer a complete dynamic control of the sound and of the tonality to guarantee the maximum versatility and the possibility to combine it with every musical instrument and its amplifier.

The use of germanium components guarantees the highest sound quality, which reminds of the tube sound.

Combined with valve amplifiers, it enhances its characteristics; whereas when combined with transistor amplifiers it gives more warm and dynamic sounds.

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More and more professionals have decided to rely on Fattoria Mendoza® both live and in the studio: guitarists, arrangers, composers and session-men playing different genres, from rock to blues, from pop to jazz and many more.

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